Monster Track 5

by Squid.

Editor's note: Squid's been a messenger since 1992, ridden fixed since '94, been organizing messenger events like alleycats since '95, and is currently working on the 13th annual Cycle Messenger World Championships to be in NYC, June 31-July 4 2005. Anyplace I've ever been with traffic and more than 50 fixed-gear bikes - Squid was there. He won last year's (2003's) Monster Track. Squid's article reads intense and *no joke*, like the race itself. --Editor

Monster Track 5, 2/28/04 -- Background
Monster Track was originated in February of 2000, by Snake. A fixed rider working for Flash Courier, he wanted an ultimate challenge for brakeless track bikers. In a few years, this event has attained legendary status. Props to the NYC messennger community for coming together and making this happen! This year we hosted TEN cities that I am aware of.
The Race
[email protected]#*ing A! 108 fixed maniacs tore it up today. Props to Felipe (nyc) and Nicole (boston)! The new King and Queen. L.A. rolled deep with ten riders!! Thanks to Diablo, Triple Rush, Mike, and Ho Daddy for putting it together.
The course was epic. Start/Finish was at the pier on W23rd St. & Hudson River. Checkpoints were (north to south) 110 & Amsterdam, 211 W 61, 14th st. & Ave. C, Spring & Mulberry, Ground Zero, and One NY Plaza.
Choose your own route. A lot of peeps went uptown first, also many went downtown first. I rode with an ill pack. Highlight for me was rocketing down the FDR Drive in a group of five from 79th st. to 23rd.
I got a flat (curses!) after Spring St. Rode the rim for a mile and grabbed a new bike at the next checkpoint (thanks to Taliah).

Let me tell you about Felipe. This nut has been winning NY joints since 1995. He is infamous for his towing skills, his trademark is foot on the front bumper of cars for a nice push. Anyway, he was never a fan of the fix gear. This year he put one together and rode it for work a whole one week before mt5.
Friday nite at Sophies we was showing the out of townies the course and talking shit in general. we all got a good laugh when Felipe said he planned to go the wrong way up Broadway for 40 blocks!?!
Well he did, and he also got a flat, road the rim to the next check and grabbed Jen's Schwinn (smallest track frame I ever seen), and passed Zach at the end to claim the crown.

Thanks to CityBikes for the track frames and all the other sponsors :) See you on the street-
Text © Squid , 2004.
Photos © Vince, 2004.
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