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About Keirin Racing

by Toshihiko Tomita

Editor's note:

This is an article and collection of links by Toshihiko Tomita (Tomity), a professional keirin racer in Japan. His bike of choice is a Kavalinka (website below). He says there are about 4000 racers making a living in Japan. The sport in Japan is propelled by the legal gambling, which works somewhat like horseracing in the U.S. Tomity says that the total money wagered on a single race averages about USD $84,000, and it can go much higher.

A photo of Tomity's keirin bike at the track is here, on the Fixed-Gear Gallery:
His homepage is here:

I found HP of a bicycle race introduced in English:
Please watch it by all means. It will be for you to understand Keirin deeply.
This is frame maker KALAVINKA homepage
I explain a part of a bicycle using for you with Japanese Keirin Japanese professinal Keirin rider must use a frame and a part made in Japan decided with a rule.
The reason is because it needs that it must be made in Japan as a purpose by development of bicycle industry of an own country.
Japanese Keirin is sports of a gambling games. A vast bet hangs with one race. It is bet on one race more than an average of JPY 10,000,000 Yen (about $84000). $840,000 are bet in a big race. Therefore, there is the danger that trouble of a bicycle in a race develops in a case.
Therefore a NJS part is produced in high efficiency to win fairly. A NJS part is very expensive in Japan.

For example:

SHIMANO D/A FC-7710 (hollowtech crank)>$225

SHIMANO D/A Track hub>$141


An examiner pays attention to a flat of a tire in particular. A price of one tire using with Japanese Keirin is $ 83. When there is contact with a very sensitive tire, I must change it. A mark of NJS sticks to an usable part with Keirin entirely. I cannot use the Parts where a mark of NJS does not support for a race. The frame which I can use with Japanese Keirin increases so long as the maker which an association authorized.
There is about 40 number of a maker authorized with Japanese Keirin.
I introduce my bicycle to you in detail:
Frame maker:KALAVINKA(Establishment of a business 30 years)
Frame Building Materials:Cr-mo Double Bated full set(ISHIWATA 017 Record Breaker)

Frame lugs & end:KALAVINKA Originals

Bars:NITTO B125AA 390mm (ALUMINIUM) Wides
Stems:NITTO NJ-PRO 105mm (STEEL) 58degree

Pedals:Suntour Superbe Track mod. Cr-mo shaft
Toe Clips:CAMPAGNILO(NJS) Steel(S)Size

Cranksets:SHIMANO D/A Track FC-7710 (hollowtech crank) 165mm
Chainring:SHIMANO D/A Track FC-7710 47T(1/8 Chain) Super Finish(Own modification)

Bottom Brackets:SHIMANO D/A BB-7710 (Cassettes Type)
Hubs:CAMPAGNOLO C-Record Pista(NJS) 100mm/120mm 36H

Chain:IZUMI V Chain 1/2x1/8x98links
Cogs:SHIMANO D/A SS-7600 13T(Steel/Super Finish)Own modification

Headsets:CAMPAGNOLO C-Record(NJS)
Rims:ARAYA Gold Lavels(NJS) 320g 36H

Saddles:KASHIMA Kashimax R-2 Steel wire based
Straps:MIKASHIMA Fit $B&A;(J Sports)

Seatposts:NITTO W44 27.2mm Diameter
Tires:SOYO GOLD STAR (Seamless made) 190g

I do special processing of a part as I introduce it with HP
Chainring:SHIMANO D/A Track FC-7710 47T(1/8 Chain) Super Finish(Own modification) Mirror finish!! low friction

Cogs:SHIMANO D/A SS-7600 13T(Steel/Super Finish)Own modification. Nickel plating (I sharpen a corner)

In addition, please hear it if I did not understand it. Good riding to you.

© Toshihiko Tomita, 2004

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